19. timeとtiming(続き)





訳例:Figure 5 is a timing chart illustrating the control operation and the generation of current at a triac 181 in a heater 180.  The drawing illustrates the timing between the output voltage from an inverter 200, the drive signal for the triac 181 of the heater 180, and the output current from the inverter 200.



「バルブタイミング(valve timing)」はバルブの開閉の精密なタイミングを意味する専門用語である。

訳例:The rotary valve 36 operates in response to the cooling valve timing during the normal rotation of the reversible motor 38 or the heating valve timing during the reverse rotation of the reversible motor 38.



訳例:The detector 92 instructs the light source 30 to start or stop the irradiation of the excitation light at predetermined time intervals after the object sensor detects the transit of the object X.



訳例:The check valve 4 may include a shutter (not shown) that not only passively gates the valve by a difference in pressure between the gas-liquid substitution chamber 21 and the exterior water Wa but also actively gates the valve at just the right moment based on the control signals intermittently output from the controller 80.


訳例:Even if the load of the gateway 202 and the load of the network linking the gateway 202 and the sensor 203 in Fig. 3 increase, the suppressed overload is compatible with the data acquisition at an appropriate time.



訳例:As a result, the tablets 9 can be timely transferred from the feeder 24 to the transfer drum 31.




訳例:The results of the health checking appears when the user approaches the multifunction peripheral 2.



訳例:The start of the exposure can be delayed by a time difference Δt(n) using a unit pixel 1 after the pupil division in the running direction of the mechanical shutter 200 of the rear curtain to compress the exposure time.




訳例:Such a wiper system 1 involves the following control mode to prevent the delay of spraying relative to the wiping operation in view of the time lag of the spraying operation of the washer solution.



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